~The Last Shimmer~

~By Sage Hyatt~

About The Last Shimmer

In this middle-grade horror story, Tiger Lily Dander and her friend, Stacy, wake one morning to a world in which everyone they care about is missing, except each other. Together the girls must determine why their loved ones have disappeared before their menacing shadows succeed in robbing them of their joy and making sure they, too, vanish forever.

My Thoughts:

THE LAST SHIMMER, a middle-grade horror story written by the talented Sage Hyatt, is super dark, literally! 

The story opens with Stacy and her friend Tiger Lilly who must find a way to stop their shadows from consuming the shimmer within them, those of their loved ones, and threatens to blanket the world in darkness.

Will the girls be able to fight off the darkness?

‘Cool hands, like a sneaky breeze, wrapped around me and held me in place. Then, the lights turned on dimly, just enough for me to see . . .’


Nope, No Spoiler. 😉

About the Author:

Sage Hyatt loves to sing, make arts and crafts, and is a connoisseur of desserts and cute cat memes [Me Too! 😉 ]. She is author of The Last Shimmer, and her story “Psychopath Strawberry” was published in the June issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk. More of her tales can be found at Not Your Father’s Bedtime Stories.

Media links (of her dad): 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ucalthisreality/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ryan.hyatt.528

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