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~The Grumpy Goat~ 

Illustrated by Ethan Roffler 

A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story for Young Movers 

~All royalties donated to Seattle Humane~ 

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~Once Upon A Dance Publication~ 

~BlackBerry Book Tour: January 16, 2023~

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~The Grumpy Goat~ 

THE GRUMPY GOAT: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story For Young Movers

Illustrations by: Ethan Roffler

~About The Authors~

Written by: Once Upon A Dance – ‘Brought to you by a mother-daughter pair donating all profits to charity. Ballerina Konora is living her dreams as a Ballet Company Artist. Her mother, Teacher Terrel, taught creative movement and ballet for decades and was recognized by her local City Council for embodying the spirit of partnership and commitment to children for her work with young dancers. She’s breathed dance from every angle and has worked in education and child development and with various non-profits supporting kids and families.’

Chapter Book: 39 pages

Ideal For Ages: 4 – 7

Major Themes Include: problem-solving, the value of family, and kindness to animals.

~My Thoughts~

Aspen (no pronouns)and Sycamore (she) Saps love to hear stories about the unique hats Mee’s (she) customers ask her to create and Mama’s (she) exciting stories as a Firefighter saving people and sometimes bringing home a rescued family pet waiting to be reunited with its owner. Aspen hoped one day soon, they could have a pet cat or dog, never anticipating that a Grumpy Goat named Gary, Piaz–a fun-loving yet temperamental pot-bellied Pig, and a rescued raspberry-blowing Lama named Lulu would be a part of the family. At the same time, they try to figure out what is making Gary so Grumpy.

This is my first time reading a Once Upon A Dance book, which amps up the fun with movement and laughter during story time, be it with your students, children in your care, your children, or, in my case, my granddaughter—and I can’t wait!

Highly Recommend!

Concepts and Movement in this Story:

  • Core Strength
  • Arabesque (from knees)
  • Hands and Feet Locomotion
  • Balance
  • Weight Shift
  • Climbing
  • Quality of Movement (Slow/Fast etc.)
  • Pliés and Jumps
  • Body Part Isolation (Fingers, Thumb, Elbows, Feet, Shoulders, Chin, Tongue, etc.)
  • Levels
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Coordinated Movement with Voice
  • Spinning
  • March (Skip)
  • Breath In/Out
  • Falling
  • Shapes
  • Counted Movements
  • Focus
  • Spinning Jump
  • Donkey Kick

‘This movement journey is ideal for dance, creative movement, physical education, homeschool, kindergarten, first-grade, or second-grade activities. The Dance-It-Out! series features diverse characters. Books make a great gift for boys or girls interested in dance, ballet, gymnastics, or yoga, or reluctant readers who enjoy getting up and moving.’

Once Upon a Dance has received the following endorsements/awards:

  • Kirkus Reviews Starred Review
  • PenCraft Award First Place Winner
  • Mom’s Choice Gold Award Recipient
  • Family Choice Award
  • Firebird Book Award First Place
  • Royal Dragonfly Book Award First Place
  • B.R.A.G. Medallion Award
  • International Impact Book Award Winner
  • Maincrest Media Award Winner
  • Golden Boar Cover of the Year
  • Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – Best Book Juvenile Fiction
  • Outstanding Creator Awards Winner (Best Children’s Book, Winter 2022)
  • Readers Favorite Certified Great Read
  • Love Reading 4 Kids Indie Books We Love
  • Literary Titan 5-Star Book Award
  • Indie’s Today 5-Star Recommended
  • Wishing Shelf 5-Star Emblem

Thank you, Blackberry Book Tour and Once Upon A Dance, for inviting me to participate in the Blog Tour for THE GRUMPY GOAT at the request of an honest review.

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