~Coffee & Thorn Book Tour Presents…

~Wicked Bleu~

Book Two – Paranormal Suspense

– by E. Denise Billups 

~Coffee & Thorn Book Tour/eBook/‎Independently Published 10-11-2022~ 

~Tour Date – 01-23-2023~ 

~Available On Amazon~ 

~Wicked Bleu: Paranormal Suspense~ 

~About The Author~

E. Denise Billups was born in Monroeville, Alabama, and raised in New York City, where she currently resides. She’s a former Financial Analyst turned writer. A multi-genre fiction author, she’s published six novels and several supernatural short stories. A skilled artist, she trained as a dancer (ballet, modern, and jazz dance) in her younger years and dabbled in writing, which she would not pursue until much later.

As an avid reader of many genres, she was greatly influenced by magical realism, mystery, suspense, and supernatural novels. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s running miles in the park, finding her inner calm with yoga, experimenting with vegan dishes, and enjoying time with family and friends.

Presently, she is working on book two of her trilogy, Twilight Ends, a paranormal historical fiction, and book three of the Simone Doucet Series.

~My Thoughts~

WICKED BLEU –  Simone Doucet Series – Book Two – by  E. DENISE BILLUPS 

Though I have not read TAINTED HARVEST, Book One in the Simone Doucet Series—wherein an ancestral specter awakens Doucet’s second sight, thus enabling restless spirits to vie for her attention—I had no trouble navigating the storyline in Book Two, WICKED BLEU, which features a spectral pull from a being whose plight and intentions reveal in the Prologue. 

Here is a snippet:

‘Your light gives me hope, another chance to set matters right before returning to that ultimate sleep. Fear, not my wiles. I may wander into your warm flesh, alive again, to roam beneath wrought-iron terraces, strut to the beat of sultry jazz in my beloved city once more. For a century, I’ve waited for someone to hear my story.’

‘Can’t you see the distance I’ve traveled?’

The novel opens on February 16, 2020, in Brooklyn, New York, and centers around Simone Doucet and her three Brownstone roommates: Stacy Sahara Alanis, Mitchell Hu Young, Jude Michael Foster, and a ghost who was murdered one hundred and three years ago. 

Wanting to get away from the mysterious ghost, Doucet and her roommate’s venture to New Orleans, Louisiana, to take advantage of the seven-day complimentary Mardi Gras hotel accommodations she received for a travel magazine article she wrote about the aforementioned hotel, the Bourbon Orleans—that’s—you guessed it—haunted. 

Having stayed there before, Doucet has never experienced anything paranormal, that is, until this trip. Having awakened her second sight, the spirit that’s drawn to her the most is the one she’s worked so hard to evade, a lady of the night in 1917 who lived a dangerous life in Storyville, near the French Quarter; her name is Bleu.

‘Visions of her past and horrific death beset Simone….But why are the images fragmented? Has Bleu forgotten what happened the stormy night she died? Can Simone uncover Bleu’s murderer and reunite her with her loved ones before it’s too late?’

You will have to read the book and find out for yourselves. 😉

From this reader’s perspective, WICKED BLEU ticked all the boxes for me, so now I ask you…

Would you care to partake in a Supernatural tale? 


Witness a romance or two? 

Try and solve a centuries-old murder whilst you are seamlessly thrust to and fro from present-day to events from the past in search of answers?  

If you answered yes to one or all of the above, then I encourage you to dive into the Simone Doucet Series, starting with TAINTED HARVEST, then WICKED BLEU, and… 

I hear there is going to be a Book Three!

Insert *squeeeeeeee* here

Thank You, Coffee And Thorn Book Tour, for inviting me onboard the tour, and Next Chapter Publishing, for providing me with an eBook of WICKED BLEU at the request of an honest review. 

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