~Books I’m Reading~


– by Chad Lutzke & Tim Meyer

~Purchased From Night Worms Book Club Monthly Package – November 2020~

~Cover Art and Design by Zach McCain (Left) – Cover Art and Design by Elderlemon Design (Right)~

~Night Worms/ Thunderstorm Books /Paperback/Own – 12/15/2020~

Star Rating – 

~Available On Amazon~


Jedi Summer

– by John Boden

~Purchased From Night Worms Book Club Monthly Package – November 2020~

~Cover Design by Alex McVey (Left) – Cover Art by – Post Motem Press (Right)~

– Night Worms/ Thunderstorm Books / Paperback/Own – 11/2020~

Star Rating – 

~Available On Amazon~

~Jedi Summer~

Kill Creek

– by Scott Thomas

~Cover by M.S. Corley – Own/Paperback – 10/31/2017~

Star Rating –

~Available On Amazon~

~Kill Creek~

The Bell Witch

by John F.D. Taff

~Amazon Image – Kindle Unlimited- 12/11/2017~

Star Rating –

~Available On Amazon~

~The Bell Witch~

– by John F. Leonard

~Amazon Image – eBook From The Author


Star Rating –

~Available On Amazon~

~The Dead Boxes Archive~

Diabolica Britannica
– Edited by Keith Anthony Baird

~Amazon Image – eBook From John F. Leonard – 07/13/2020~

Star Rating –

~Available On Amazon~

~Diabolica Britannica~


– by Hunter Shea

~Amazon Image – Own/Kindle – 09/06/2018~

Star Rating – 

~Available On Amazon~


THe Making Of Gabriel Davenport

– by Beverley Lee

~Amazon Image – Kindle/Own- 04/08/2016~

Star Rating – 

~Available On Amazon~

~The Making Of Gabriel Davenport~

Elevator Pitch

– by Linwood Barclay

~Designed by – Willam Ruoto – Own/Hardback~ ~09/17/2019~

Star Rating – 

~Available On Amazon~

~Elevator Pitch~


– by Andrew Cull

~Amazon Image – Kindle/Own – 09/16/2019~

Star Rating – 

~Available On Amazon~


If It Bleeds

– by Stephen King

~Amazon Image – Own/Hardback/Simon & Schuster~ ~04/20/2020~

Star Rating – 

~Available On Amazon~

~If It Bleeds~

Flora & Jim

– by BP Gregory

~Amazon Image – Kindle/Own – 07/30/2018~

Star Rating – 

~Available On Amazon~

~Flora & Jim~

Our Lady Of The Trampled Beast

– by BP Gregory

~Amazon Image – Kindle/Own – 09/29/2019~

Star Rating – 

~Available On Amazon~

~Our Lady of the Trampled Beast~(Kindle)

The Night Crawls In

– by Steve Stred

~Amazon Image – Kindle/Own – 09/01/2019~

Star Rating – 

~Available On Amazon~

~The Night Crawls In~

The Damned Highway

– by

Brian Keene & Nick Mamatas

~Amazon Image – NetGalley/Macabre Ink Production/eGalley – 02/15/2021~

Star Rating – 

~Pre-order Now On Amazon~

~The Damned Highway~

Children Of Chicago

– by Cynthia Pelayo

~Cover Design by Mimi Bark – NetGalley/Agora Books – 02/09/2021~

Star Rating – 

~Kindle Version Available On Amazon~

~Children Of Chicago~

Hardcover Scheduled To Release – 03/09/2021

Food Yum!

– by Chris Zeid

~Amazon Image – eBook/From The Author – 03/21/2020 ~

Star Rating – 

~Available On Amazon~

~Food Yum!~

The Searching Dead

– by Ramsey Campbell

~Amazon Image – NetGalley/Flame Tree Press~ ~02/16/2021~

Star Rating – Currently Reading 51%

~Pre-order Now On Amazon~

~The Searching Dead~

A Caller’s Game

– by J.D. Barker

~Amazon Image – NetGalley/Hampton Creek Press~ ~02/22/2021~

Star Rating – 

~Pre-order Now On Amazon~

~A Caller’s Game~

I Spit Myself Out

– by Tracy Fahey

~Design And Cover by J.R. Park~

eBook From The Author/Sinister Horror Company~ ~02/13/2021~

Star Rating – 

~Pre-order Now On Amazon~

~I Spit Myself Out~

Buzz Books

Great Reads

Spring/Summer 2021

~Amazon Image – NetGalley/Kindle – 01/19/2020~

Star Rating – 

~Free Kindle Edition Now On Amazon~

~Buzz Books Spring/Summer  2021~

Your Turn To Suffer

– by Tim Waggoner

~Amazon Image – NetGalley/Flame Tree Press~ ~03/23/2021~

Star Rating – 

~Pre-order Now On Amazon~

~Your Turn To Suffer~

The Sweet Taste Of Muscadines

– by Pamela Terry

~Amazon Image – NetGalley/Ballantine Books~ ~03/16/2021~

Star Rating – 

~Pre-order Now On Amazon~

~The Sweet Taste Of Muscadines~

Orange City

– by Lee Matthew Goldberg

~Amazon Image – Blackthorn Book Tour (3/25/2021)~


Star Rating – 

~Pre-order Now On Amazon~

~Orange City~

Wild, Dark Times

– by Austin Case

~Cover Art by Jim Tetlow – eBook From The Author~

~Between The Lines Publishing – 07/22/2019~

Star Rating – 

~Available On Amazon~

~Wild, Dark Times~


– by Benjamin Cross

~Amazon Image – Blackthorn Book Tour (03/29/2021) /eBook – 01/28/2021~

Star Rating – 

~Available On Amazon~



– by Marla L. Anderson

~Amazon Image – BookSirens/Wolfheart Press/eBook – 01/08/2021~

Star Rating – 

~Available On Amazon~


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