~Books I’m Reading~

The Rising

– by Brian Keene

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 09/03/2013~

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~The Rising~

The Girls Who Stepped Out Of Line

– by Major General Mari K. Eder

U.S. Army, Retired

~Cover Design by Lauren Harms – NetGalley/Sourcebooks/eBook – 08/03/2021~

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~The Girls Who Stepped Out Of Line~

Where The Truth Lies

– by Anna Bailey

~Amazon Image – NetGalley/Atria Books/Simon & Schuster/eBook – 08/03/2021~

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~Where The Truth Lies~

If The Shoe Fits

– by Julie Murphy

~Amazon Image – NetGalley/Disney Publishing Worldwide/Hyperion/Young Adult/eBook – 08/03/2021~

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~If The Shoe Fits~

Trick-OR-Treat, Alistair Gray

~Amazon Image/Edelweiss+/eBook/Black Spot Books/08-16-2022~

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~Trick-Or-Treat, Alistair Gray~

  • Reading age ‏ : ‎ 5 – 7 years
  • Grade level ‏ : ‎ Kindergarten – 2

Stinetinglers – by R.L. Stine



~Amazon Image/NetGalley/eBook/ Feiwel & Friends~ ~08-30-2022~

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  • Reading age ‏ : ‎ 8 – 12 years
  • Grade level ‏ : ‎ 4 – 6

Dark Roads

– by Chevy Stevens

~Amazon Image – NetGalley/St. Martin’s Press/eBook – 08/03/2021~

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~Dark Roads~

Did I Say You Could Go

– by Melanie Gideon

~Amazon Image – NetGalley/Simon & Schuster/eBook – 10/01/2021~

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~Did I Say You Could Go~


– by Dolly Alderton

~Amazon Image -Knopf Publishing/Penguin Random House LLC./eGalley~


~Available On Amazon~



– by Jeffrey Kluger

~Amazon Image/NetGalley/Dutton Publishing/Random House/eGalley/08/03/2021~

~Available On Amazon~


Mummy’s Little Secret

– by M. A. Hunter

~Cover Design by Lucy Bennett/NetGalley/One More Chapter/HarperCollinsPublishers Ltd/eGalley~


~Available On Amazon~

~Mummy’s Little Secret~

Maiden Voyages

– by Siân Evans

~Amazon Image/NetGalley/St. Martin’s Press/eGalley~


~Available On Amazon~

~Maiden Voyages~

The Mad Trinkets

– by Cameron Scott Kirk

~Cover Illustration by M.L. Anderson/NetGalley/The Mage’s Lantern, LLC/eGalley~


~Available On Amazon~

~The Mad Trinkets~

The Noise


James Patterson & J.D. Barker

~Amazon Image/NetGalley/Little, Brown and Company/eGalley~


~Available On Amazon~

~The Noise~

August’s Eyes

– by Glenn Rolfe

~Amazon Image – NetGalley/Flame Tree Press/I received an eBook – 08/17/2021~

~Available On Amazon~

~August’s Eyes~

The Family Plot

– by Megan Collins

~Amazon Image – NetGalley/Atria Books/Simon & Schuster/I received an eBook – 08/17/2021~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Family Plot~

Velvet Was The Night

– by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

~Design by Fritz Metsch/NetGalley/Del Rey/Penguin Random House/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~

~Velvet Was The Night~

Chasing The Boogeyman

– by Richard Chizmar

~Amazon Image – NetGalley/Gallery Books/Simon &Schuster/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~

~Chasing The Boogeyman~

Choose Your Own Adventure

Eighth Grade Witch

-by Andrew E.C. Gaska, E.L. Thomas,

& C.E. Simpson

~Cover by – Valerio Chiola & Thiago Ribeiro/NetGalley/Oni Press/eBook/Own-Paperback~


~Available On Amazon~

~Choose Your Own Adventure – Eighth Grade Witch~

My Heart Is A Chainsaw

– by Stephen Graham Jones

~Amazon Image/NetGalley/Saga Press/Simon & Schuster/eGalley~


~Available On Amazon~

~My Heart Is A Chainsaw~

Unnatural Resources

– by Mindy Uhrlaub

~Amazon Image/The Permanent Press/Smith Publicity, INC./eBook/11/17/2020~ 

~Available On Amazon~

~Unnatural Resources~

Murder Most Fair

– by Anna Lee Huber

~Amazon Image/NetGalley/Kensington Publishing Corp./eBook~


~Available On Amazon~

~Murder Most Fair~

The Real Valkyrie: The Hidden History Of Viking Warrior Women

– by Nancy Marie Brown

~Amazon Image/NetGalley/St. Martin’s Press/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~

~The Real Valkyrie – The Hidden History Of Viking Warrior Women~

Enola Holmes And The Black Barouche

– by Nancy Springer

~Amazon Image/NetGalley/Wednesday Books/eGalley~


~Available On Amazon~

~Enola Holmes And The Black Barouche~

The Necklace

– by Matt Witten

~Amazon Image – NetGalley/Oceanview Publishing/eBook – 09/07/2021~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Necklace~

Certain Dark Things

– by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

~Cover Art by John Picacio /Cover Design Lesley Worrell/NetGalley/Nightfire/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~

~Certain Dark Things~

Into The Forest

– by Rebecca Frankel

~Amazon Image/NetGalley/St. Martin’s Press/eGalley~


~Available On Amazon~

~Into The Forest~

The Missing Hours

– by Julia Dahl

~Amazon Image/NetGalley/Minotaur Books/eGalley~


~Available On Amazon~

~The Missing Hours~


– by Andrew Mayne

~Cover Design by Shasti O’Leary Soudant – NetGalley/Thomas & Mercer Publishing/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~



– by Brom

~Amazon Image – NetGalley/Nightfire – eBook~


~Available On Amazon~


The Girl Upstairs

– by Georgina Lees

~Amazon Image/NetGalley/One More Chapter Publishing/HarperCollins UK/12/09/2021~

~Available On Amazon

~The Girl Upstairs~

Flowers For The Sea

– by Zin E. Rocklyn

~Amazon Image/NetGalley/TorDotCom/eGalley~


~Available On Amazon~

~Flowers For The Sea~

The Last House On Needless Street

– by Catriona Ward

~Amazon Image – NetGalley/Nightfire/Macmillan Publishing Group LLC./eBook~


~Available On Amazon~

~The Last House On Needless Street~

The Stowaway

– by James S. Murray & Darren Wearmouth

~Amazon Image – NetGalley/St. Martin’s Press/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~

~The Stowaway~

When Things Get Dark

– Edited by Ellen Datlow

~Amazon Image/NetGalley/Titan Books/eGalley/09/28/2021~

~Available On Amazon~

~When Things Get Dark~

The Burning

– by Jonathan Kellerman & Jesse Kellerman

~Book Design by Victoria Wong/NetGalley/Ballantine Books/Random House/eBook/09/21/2021~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Burning~

Under The Whispering Door

– by TJ Klune

Love The Cover!!

~Cover Art by Red Nose Studio/NetGalley/Tor/Macmillan Books/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~

~Under The Whispering Door~

Chapter And Curse

– by Elizabeth Penney

~Amazon Image/NetGalley/St. Martin’s Press/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~

~Chapter And Curse~

The Santa Suit

– by Mary Kay Andrews

~Amazon Image/NetGalley/St. Martin’s Press/eGalley~


~Available On Amazon~

~The Santa Suit~


– by A.M. Kherbash

~Amazon Image/NetGalley/Self-Published/eGalley~


~Available On Amazon~


Deadly Games

– by Steve Frech

~Amazon Image/NetGalley/HQ Digital/eGalley/12/04/2020~

~Available On Amazon~

~Deadly Games~

~Books I Own/Reviewing~

Elevator Pitch

– by Linwood Barclay

~Designed by – Willam Ruoto – Own/Hardback~ ~09/17/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~Elevator Pitch~

Sleeping Beauties

– by Stephen King & Owen King

~Amazon Image – Own/eBooks – Reprint 09/26/2017~

~Available On Amazon~

~Sleeping Beauties~

The Horror At Lavender Edge

by Christopher Henderson

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 11/05/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Horror At Lavender Edge~

If You See Her

– by Ania Ahlborn

~Amazon Image  – Own/eBook – 5/22/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~If You See Her~


– by Jonathan Maberry

~Amazon Image/St. Martin’s Griffin/eBook/Own/11/05/2019~

~Available On Amazon~


I Am Watching YOU

– by Teresa Driscoll

~Amazon Image – Own/Paperback – 10/01/2017~ ~Available On Amazon~

~I am Watching YOU~

The Silence

– by Tim Lebbon

~Amazon Image – Own/Paperback – 03/26/2019~ ~Available On Amazon~

~The Silence~

The Notch

– by Tom Holland

~Amazon Image  – Own/Paperback – Cemetery Dance Grab Bag Sale~


~The Notch~

The Silent Patient

– by Alex Michaelides

~Amazon Image – Own/Paperback – 02/05/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Silent Patient~

Blood Standard

– by Laird Barron

~Amazon Image – Own/Paperback – 04/02/2019~ ~Available On Amazon~

~Blood Standard~


– by Caroline Kepnes

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 09/30/2014~

~Available On Amazon~


The Handmaid’s Tale

– by Margaret Atwood

~Amazon Image  – Own/eBook – 02/17/1986~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Handmaid’s Tale~

The Shuddering

– by Ania Ahlborn

~Amazon Image – Own/Paperback – 06/18/2013~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Shuddering~

Claire’s Apocalypse

– by K.T. Rose

~Amazon Image/Self-Published/Own/eBook/05/08/2021~

~Available On Amazon~

~Claire’s Apocalypse~

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