~Review Policy~

Thank you so much for checking out my review policy, my name is D.K. Hundt, but please feel free to call me Deb. I love to read and review books and run my blog based on that passion.

****Harassment Of Any Kind Will Not Be Tolerated ****

I have been reviewing books since 2018, and as an avid reader of Horror, Mystery, Thrillers, True Crime, Science Fiction, LGBTQ+, Fantasy, Westerns, General Adult Fiction, Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, Young Adult, and as of the last couple of months – Romance, I look forward to hearing from you regarding your book (or a book you’re promoting) for review consideration.

All book reviews and promotion on my site, including participation in a blog tour, are FREE – Always! I do ask that if you would like me to participate in a blog tour or promotion, please give me ample time to read the book prior.

Books submitted to me for review consideration, do not have to be those published in the current year; however, soon-to-be-released ARC’s I’m reading for NetGalley, BookSirens, Publishers, and those I have agreed to read by a specific date, will have priority.

Preferred Format:

eBook’s (.mobi and PDF) / Audiobooks / Physical Copies

Submitting Books For Review:

If you would like a book considered for review, please contact me via my contact page on this site and include the following information:

  • Book Title
  • Synopsis or Blurb
  • Release Date
  • Publisher
  • Book Format
  • Page Count

Once I have approved your book for review consideration, I will notify you via email. I will then post the books cover photo (you provide, if possible), name of the cover artist to promote their work, release date, and an Amazon link for your book (or a link from another venue selling your book, i.e., B&N), on my Blog.

If I am approved to read your eBook from NetGalley or BookSirens, I will post my review to the applicable site, my Blog, Goodreads, and Amazon; if the powers that be will allow, Twitter, and I include a star rating – except for books I do not finish (DNF).

*Any book that I do not finish or one that receives a 2-star rating from me or lower will be posted on Goodreads and Amazon, only, and not on my Blog or Twitter. I rarely DNF a book, but it does happen.

*Revised on 03/31/2020 – Any book that I do not finish or one that receives a 2-star rating from me or lower will be posted on Goodreads and Amazon, AND on my Blog but for now, NOT on Twitter.

The reason for the above revision to my review policy is to make sure – though your book may not have resonated with me – that all promotional information for your work, including purchasing link(s) remains on my Blog. Previously, I felt that I was doing the author a disservice by posting reviews of books with low ratings and those I did not finish; however, I believe the opposite is true.


I love getting recommendations for books that my fellow book lovers are reading, so if you feel there is a book I should check out, even if it’s not your own and a book that falls within the above genres, please let me know by sending me an email. That does not guarantee that I will be able to read and review it, but it does put it on my radar.

I believe in giving an honest review, and if that works for you, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again for stopping by my site!

About Me:

To learn more about me, please feel free to check out my About Me and Biography pages that reflect on the days of yesteryear (when my love for reading and writing Horror began) and the present.

Books that I consider for review posted on this site are those that I have purchased (physical copy, eBook, Audiobook), Kindle Unlimited, eBooks that I have been approved to read and consider for review from NetGalley and BookSirens, eBooks that have been sent to me by authors or their publishers, books that I have won from a book giveaway, and those I check out from the Library. All books reviews and promation are FREE – Always! All honest opinions about a book are my own.D.K. Hundt

Review policy is subject to change at any time – 11/2019

*Revised on 06/2020

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