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The Rust Maidens

– by Gwendolyn Kiste

~Cover Artwork by – Daniele Serra – 11/16/2018~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Rust Maidens~


– by Dacre Stoker & J.D. Barker

~Amazon Image – Audible Audiobook/Own – 10/02/2018~

~Available On Amazon~


Black Leopard Red Wolf

– by Marlon James

Black Leopard, Red Wolf (The Dark Star Trilogy Book 1) by [Marlon James]

~Amazon Image – Own/Kindle – 02/05/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~Black Leopard Red Wolf~

Broken Shells

– by Michael Patrick Hicks

~Cover by – Elderlemon Design- Kindle Unlimited – 02/02/2018~

~Available On Amazon~

~Broken Shells~

The Best Horror Of The Year Vol. 11

Edited by – Ellen Datlow

~Amazon Image – Own /Paperback – 09/03/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Best Horror Of The Year Volume Eleven~

Dark Tides: A Charity Anthology

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 10/03/2019~ 

~Available On Amazon~

~Dark Tides~

The Testaments

– by Margaret Atwood

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 09/10/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Testaments~

The Bank

– by Bentley Little

~Amazon Image  – Own/Paperback – Cemetery Dance Grab Bag Sale~


~Available On Amazon~

~The Bank

Unraveling Oliver

– by Liz Nugent

Unraveling Oliver: A Novel by [Liz Nugent]

~Amazon Image – Giveaway From Simon & Schuster/eBook – 08/22/2017~ 

~Available On Amazon~

~Unraveling Oliver~

The Hunger

– by Alma Katsu

The Hunger by [Katsu, Alma]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 03/06/2018~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Hunger~

The Window

– by Glenn Rolfe

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 10/31/2018~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Window~

Dust Devils

– by Jonathan Janz

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 06/27/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~Dust Devils~

The Corpse Garden

– by S.H. Cooper

~Cover by BeyondBookCovers – Own/eBook – 12/22/2016~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Corpse Garden~

Dear Laura

– by Gemma Amor

Dear Laura by [Gemma Amor]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 07/02/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~Dear Laura~

The Last Conversation

– by Paul Tremblay

The Last Conversation (Forward collection) by [Tremblay, Paul]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 09/17/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Last Conversation~

The Dark Tower I – The Gunslinger

 – by Stephen King

~Amazon Image – Own Series -Paperback – First Published In 1982~

~Available On Amazon~

~Dark Tower I – The Gunslinger~

The Outsider

 – by Stephen King

The Outsider: A Novel by [Stephen King]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook/Hardback – 05/22/2018~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Outsider~

The Sun Dog

– by Stephen King

~Amazon Image – Own/Paperback – 12/04/2018~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Sun Dog~

At The End Of The Day I Burst Into Flames

– by Nicholas Day

~Cover by – Nicholas Day – Own/eBook – 12/21/2018~

~Available On Amazon~

~At The End Of The Day I Burst Into Flames~

The Bone Weaver’s Orchard

– by Sarah Read

43128270. sy475

~Cover Art & Design by – Mikio Murakami – Own/eBook – 02/01/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Bone Weavers Orchard~

Black Mountain

– by Laird Barron

~Book Design by Amy Hill – Own/eBook – 05/07/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~Black Mountain~

Ninth House

– by Leigh Bardugo

~Designed by – Donna Sinisgalli Noetzel/Map by – Rhys Davies and WB/Endpaper Illustration by- Travis DeMello – (Own/Hardback)~

~Side Note – I LOVE the cover and Illustrations in the Hardback Version~

~Available On Amazon~

~Ninth House~

Cosmology Of Monsters

– by Shaun Hamill

~Cover Design by – Na Kim – Own/eBook – 09/17/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~Cosmology of Monsters~

To Be Devoured

– by Sara Tantlinger

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 07/24/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~To Be Devoured~

Arcadia Falls

– by Ken Stark

~Cover Art by – The Book Khaleesi – Own/eBook – 11/30/2017~

~Available On Amazon~

~Arcadia Falls~

Children Of Blood And Bone

– by Tomi Adeyemi

Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orisha Book 1) by [Tomi Adeyemi]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 03/06/2018~

~Available On Amazon~

~Children Of Blood And Bone~

The Dead Undone

– by – Ellie Douglas

The Dead Undone by [Douglas, Ellie]

~Cover Artwork by – Michelle Douglas – Own/eBook – 12/31/2017~

~Available On Amazon~

~Dead Undone~

The Reddening

– by Adam L.G. Nevill

~Cover Artwork by – Samuel Araya – Own/eBook – 10/31/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Reddening~

The Family Upstairs

– by Lisa Jewell

~Amazon Image – Audible Audiobook/Own – 11/05/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Family Upstairs~

I’ll Never Tell

– by Catherine McKenzie

~Amazon Image – Audible Audiobook/Own – 06/01/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~I’ll Never Tell~

Will Haunt You

– by Brian Kirk

Will Haunt You (Fiction Without Frontiers) by [Kirk, Brian]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 03/14/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~Will Haunt You~


– by Blake Crouch

~Amazon Image – Audible Audiobook/Own – 08/21/2012~

~Available On Amazon~


Beneath A Scarlet Sky

– by Mark Sullivan

~Amazon Image – Audible Audiobook/Own – 05/01/2017~

~Available On Amazon~

~Beneath a Scarlet Sky~

Stage 3

– by Ken Stark

Stage 3 by [Stark, Ken]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 03/13/2016~

~Available On Amazon~

~Stage 3~

Gwendy’s Magic Feather

– by Richard Chizmar

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 11/19/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~Gwendy’s Magic Feather~


– by Jonathan Maberry

~Amazon Image – Audible Audiobook/Own – 10/04/2018~

~Available On Amazon~


The Cellar

– by Richard Laymon

The Cellar (Beast House Series Book 1) by [Laymon, Richard]

~Amazon Image – Kindle Unlimited – 10/01/2006~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Cellar~

Off Season

– by Jack Ketchum

~Amazon Image – Kindle Unlimited – (1981) Republished 06/01/2006~

~Available On Amazon~

~Off Season~


– by Duncan Ralston

Ghostland by [Ralston, Duncan]

~Cover Art by – Dean Samed – Own/eBook – 11/08/2019~ 

~Available On Amazon~


Maria the Wanted

– by V. Castro

~Cover Art by – Isabelle Arne – Own/eBook – 11/26/2018

~Available On Amazon~

~Maria The Wanted~

Little Paranoias

– by Sonora Taylor

~Cover Art by – Doug Puller – Own/eBook – 10/22/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~Little Paranoias~

The Sea Was A Fair Master

– by Calvin Demmer

The Sea Was a Fair Master by [Demmer, Calvin]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 06/05/2018~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Sea Was A Fair Master~

The Little Demons Inside

– by Micah Chaim Thomas

The Little Demons Inside (Eudaimonia Book 1) by [Thomas, Micah]

~Cover Art by – Doug Puller – Kindle Unlimited – 10/14/2017~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Little Demons Inside~

The Thicket

– by  Joe R. Lansdale

The Thicket by [Lansdale, Joe R.]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 09/10/2013~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Thicket~

Mass Hysteria

– by Michael Patrick Hicks

Mass Hysteria by [Hicks, Michael Patrick]

~Cover Artwork by – Elderlemon Design – Own/eBook – 08/10/2017~

~Available On Amazon~

~Mass Hysteria~

Love You Gone

– by Rona Halsall

Love You Gone: A gripping psychological crime novel with an incredible twist by [Halsall, Rona]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 11/15/2018~

~Available On Amazon~

~Love You Gone~


– by Michael Grant

Monster (Gone Book 7) by [Grant, Michael]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 10/17/2017~

~Available On Amazon~



– by David Morrell

Creepers by [Morrell, David]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 01/12/2014~

~Available On Amazon~


The Collapsing Empire

– by John Scalzi

The Collapsing Empire (The Interdependency Book 1) by [Scalzi, John]

~Amazon Image  – Own/eBook – 03/12/2017~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Collapsing Empire~


– by Faye Kellerman

~Amazon Image – Own/Paperback – 08/24/2010~

~Available On Amazon~


I Am Pilgrim

– by Terry Hayes

~Amazon Image – Own/Paperback – (2013) Reprint 07/21/2015~

~Available On Amazon~

~I Am Pilgrim~

Shadow Tyrants

– by Clive Cussler

~Amazon Image – Own/Paperback – 08/27/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~Shadow Tyrants~

Never Tell

– by Lisa Gardner

Never Tell: A Novel (A D.D. Warren and Flora Dane Novel) by [Gardner, Lisa]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 02/19/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~Never Tell~

The Blood Gospel

– by Jame Rollins & Rebecca Cantrell

~Amazon Image – Own/Paperback – 01/08/2013~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Blood Gospel~


– by Kealan Patrick Burke

~Cover by – Elderlemon Design – Own/Paperback – 01/04/2012~

~Available On Amazon~


Every Dead Thing

– by John Connolly

Every Dead Thing: A Charlie Parker Thriller by [Connolly, John]

~Amazon Image – Waiting to Purchase/Library – 07/01/2000~

~Available On Amazon~

~Every Dead Thing~

What The Hell Did I Just Read

– by David Wong

What the Hell Did I Just Read: A Novel of Cosmic Horror (John Dies at the End Book 3) by [Wong, David]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 10/03/2017~

~Available On Amazon~

~What The Hell Did I Just Read~

The Whole Truth

– by David Baldacci

~Amazon Image – Wish List/Library – Reprint 08/27/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Whole Truth~

Paperbacks From Hell

– by Grady Hendrix

Paperbacks from Hell: The Twisted History of '70s and '80s Horror Fiction by [Hendrix, Grady]

~Ebook design adapted from printed book design by Timothy O’ Donnell~

~Own/eBook – 09/19/2017~

~Available On Amazon~

~Paperbacks From Hell~


– by Steve Stred

YURI by [Stred, Steve]

~Amazon Image – Own/Ebook- 10/01/2018~

~Available On Amazon~


The Pale White

– by Chad Lutzke

~Cover Art by – Zach McCain – Kindle Unlimited – 09/27/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~Pale White~


– by Ania Ahlborn

~Amazon Image – Kindle Unlimited – 07/17/2012~


~Available On Amazon~


Dying For A Living

– by Kory M. Shrum

~Amazon Image – Own/Paperback – 02/05/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~Dying For A Living~

Zero Saints

– by Gabino Iglesias

Zero Saints by [Iglesias, Gabino]

~Cover Art and Design by – Matthew Revert – Own/eBook – 11/14/2015~

~Available On Amazon~

~Zero Saints~

Tipping Point

– by Terry Tyler

Tipping Point (Project Renova Book 1) by [Tyler, Terry]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 08/05/2017~

~Available On Amazon~

~Tipping Point~

The Luminous Dead

– by Caitlin Starling

~Amazon Image – Own/Paperback – 04/02/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Luminous Dead~

The Bone Labyrinth

– by James Rollins

~Amazon Image – Own/Paperback – Reprint 07/26/2016~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Bone Labyrinth~

The Armored Saint

– by Myke Cole

The Armored Saint (The Sacred Throne Book 1) by [Cole, Myke]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 02/20/2018~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Armored Saint~

The Unbeliever & The Intruder

– by Morgan K. Tanner

The Unbeliever & The Intruder (Short Sharp Shocks! Book 39) by [Tanner, Morgan K. ]

~Cover by – Adrian Baldwin – Kindle Unlimited – 10/31/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Unbeliever & The Intruder~

Treacherous Is The Night (Book Two)

– by Anna Lee Huber

Treacherous Is the Night (A Verity Kent Mystery Book 2) by [Huber, Anna Lee]

~Amazon Image – Waiting to Purchase – 09/25/2018~

~Available On Amazon~

~Treacherous Is The Night~

Death By Tiara

– by Laura Levine

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 06/30/2015~

~Available On Amazon~

~Death By Tiara~

The Haunting Of Henderson Close

-by Catherine Cavendish

The Haunting of Henderson Close (Fiction Without Frontiers) by [Cavendish, Catherine]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 01/10/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Haunting Of Henderson Close~

Raspberry Danish Murder

– by Joanne Fluke

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 02/27/2018~

~Available On Amazon~

~Raspberry Danish Murder~

Three To Get Deadly

– by Janet Evanovich

~Amazon Image – (1997) – Own/Paperback

~Available On Amazon~

~Three To Get Deadly~

A Minute To Midnight

– by David Baldacci

A Minute to Midnight (An Atlee Pine Thriller Book 2) by [Baldacci, David]

~Amazon Image – Wish List/Library – 11/19/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~A Minute To Midnight~

Something In The Water

– by Catherine Steadman

Something in the Water: A Novel by [Steadman, Catherine]

~Amazon Image – Wish List/Library – Reprint 04/09/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~Something In The Water~

The Best Of Greg Egan

~Cover Illustrated by – David Ho – NetGalley – 10/31/2019 – (Own-Hardback)~

~Archived on NetGalley before I could finish – Recently ordered from Amazon UK (eta: two months) – I will leave a review after I have finished it.~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Best Of Greg Egan~

The Boatman’s Daughter

– by Andy Davidson

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 02/11/2020~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Boatman’s Daughter~

Cold In July

– by Joe R. Lansdale

Cold in July by [Lansdale, Joe  R.]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook- 07/24/2018~ 

~Available On Amazon~

~Cold In July~


Edited by – Doug Murano & Michael Bailey

Miscreations: Gods, Monstrosities & Other Horrors by [Malerman, Josh, Goss, Theodora, LaValle, Victor, Bulkin, Nadia, Morton, Lisa, Barron, Laird, MacLeod, Bracken]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook –  02/18/2020~

~Available On Amazon~


The Troop

 – by Nick Cutter

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 08/16/2016~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Troop~

The Deep

– by Alma Katsu

~Amazon Image – Own/Paperback – 03/10/2020~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Deep~

Speaks The Nightbird

– by Robert R. McCammon

Speaks the Nightbird: A Novel (Matthew Corbett Book 1) by [McCammon, Robert R.]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – Reprint 10/08/2013~

~Available On Amazon~

~Speaks The Nightbird~

Love Letters From A Nihilist Vol. Three

– by Brian Keene

Love Letters From A Nihilist: The Complete Short Fiction of Brian Keene, Volume 3 by [Keene, Brian]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook – 11/26/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~Love Letters From A Nihilist~


– by David Bell

~Amazon Image – Own/Paperback – 07/02/2019~

~Available On Amazon~


I Know This Much Is True

– by Wally Lamb

~Amazon Image – Own/Paperback – 04/08/2008~

~Available On Amazon~

~I Know This Much Is True~

Shallow Waters Vol. 4

– Edited by Joe Mynhardt

Shallow Waters Vol.4: A Flash Fiction Anthology by [Kevin Lucia, Crystal Lake Publishing, Richard Thomas, Mark Allan Gunnells, Dani Brown, Chloé Harper  Gold, Michael Patrick Hicks, Shoshana Edwards, Jonah Buck, Red  Lagoe, Patrick  Barb, David  Bernard, Ben  Lathrop, Lori Michelle, Austin  James, David J.  Rank, L. F. Falconer, Sheri  White, Linda J.  Marshall, Anthony D  Redden, Oleg  Hasanov, Joe Mynhardt]

~Amazon Image – Own/eBook- 12/13/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~Shallow Waters Vol 4.~

The House On Abigail Lane

– by Kealan Patrick Burke

The House On Abigail Lane - Cover

~Cover Art by Elderlemon Design – Own/eBook- 06/29/2020~

~Available On Amazon~

~The House On Abigail Lane~

Dominion – Anthology

-Edited by-

Zelda Night

& Ekpeki Oghenechovwe Donald 

Dominion Anthology - Cover

~Cover Illustration by Henrique DLD/Book Cover Design by Maria Spada/Aurelia Leo/Own/eBook-


~Available On Amazon~

~Dominion – Anthology~

Good Neighbors

– by Sarah Langan

Good Neighbors - Cover

~Amazon Image/Atria Books/Simon & Schuster/Own/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~

~Good Neighbors~

The Coming Of The King

– by William Meikle

The Coming Of The King - Cover

~Amazon Image/Gryphonwood Press/Own/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~

~The Coming Of The King~

Bug Eyed Monsters

– by William Meikle

Bug Eyed Monsters - Cover

~Amazon Image/Own/eBook/06/02/2019~

~Available On Amazon~

~Bug Eyed Monsters~

Gonna Stay Up Late

– by Willow Rose

Gonna Stay Up Late - Cover

~Cover Design by Juan Villar Padron/Bouy Media LLC Publishing/Own/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~

~Gonna Stay Up Late~


– by Michaelbrent Collings

Strangers - Cover

~Amazon Image /Written Insomnia Press/Own/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~


Lucid Screams

– by Red Lagoe

Lucid Screams - Cover

~Cover Art by Red Lagoe/La Red Books /Own/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~

~Lucid Screams~

Blacktop Wasteland

– by S.A. Cosby

Blacktop Wasteland - Cover

~Amazon Image/Flatiron Books /Own/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~

~Blacktop Wasteland~


– by Stephen King

Later - Cover

~Cover Painting by Paul Mann/Hard Case Crime Novel/Titan Publishing Group Ltd/Own/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~


South Of Here

– by Edward Lorn

South Of Here

~Amazon Image/Own/eBook/08/18/2020~

~Available On Amazon~

~South Of Here~


– by Jess Lourey

Bloodline - Cover

~Cover Design by Caroline Teagle Johnson/Thomas & Mercer/Own/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~


In The Blood Of Justice

– by Nadia Siddiqui

In The Blood Of Justice - Cover

~Amazon Image/Own/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~

~In The Blood Of Justice~


– by Clare Mackintosh

Hostage - Cover

~Cover Design by Siobhan Hooper/Sourcebooks Landmark/Own/eBook~


~Available On Amazon~



~ by T.J. Newman

Falling - Cover

~Amazon Image/Avid Reader Press/Simon & Schuster/Hardback/Own~


~Available On Amazon~


Books Of Blood – Vol. 1-3

– by Clive Barker

Books of Blood - Cover

~Cover Art by  Scala/Art Resource, NY/Berkley/Penguin Random House/Paperback/Own~

~First Edition: October 1998~

~Available On Amazon~

~Books Of Blood – Volume 1 – 3~

Books Of Blood – Vol. 4 – 6

– by Clive Barker

Books of Blood Volume 4-6 Cover


~Amazon Image/Sphere/Little, Brown Book Group/Paperback/Own~

~Reprint by Sphere 2007~

~Available On Amazon~

~Books Of Blood – Volume 4 – 6~

We Need to Do Something  

– by Max Booth III 

If You Have Yet To Watch The Film Adaption, I Highly Recommend It! 

We Need to Do Something

~Cover Art by Matthew Revert/eBook/Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing~ 


~Available On Amazon~ 

~We Need to Do Something~ 

Aliens: Vasquez 

– by V. Castro 

Aliens Vasquez

~Illustration by Marco Turini/Own Hardback/Titan Books~  


~Available On Amazon~ 

~Aliens: Vasquez~ 

Fairy Tale 

– by Stephen King 

Fairy Tale


~Illustrations by Gabriel Rodríguez & Nicolas Delort/Own Hardback/Scribner/Simon & Schuster Publishing~  ~Available On Amazon~ 

~Fairy Tale~

Dramatic sky over old lonely tree.

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