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Weird Kid

– by Greg Van Eekhout

~Harper Audiobook~

‘Jake Wind is trying to stay under the radar. Whose radar? Anyone who might be too interested in the fact that he has shapeshifting abilities he can’t control. Or that his parents found him as a ball of goo when he was a baby.’

~NetGalley Image – NetGalley – 07/20/2021~

Star Rating – 

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~Weird Kid~

Dreamy Days and Random Naps

– by Mawson

~Blackberry Children’s Book Tour~

‘Mawson Bear awakes and ponders on the art of creative napping. Scotland the Brave imagines doing great deeds. Professors Caddy and Bree hold the highest hopes for their visionary inventions. Samantha sees wondrous things all round her. The Seekers journey all the way to the edge of the world, being sure to return, of course, by bedtime.’

~Amazon Image – Blackberry – 12/01/2020~

~Blackberry Children’s Book Tour – 02/04/2021~

Star Rating – 

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~Dreamy Days And Random Naps~

Bernice Takes A Plunge

– by Ann Harth

~Blackberry Children’s Book Tour~

‘Bernice Peppercorn’s imagination fills her mind and her notebooks with adventure and intrigue. She sees crimes where there are none and races to the local police station daily to fulfil her civic duty.’

~Amazon Image – Blackberry – 03/05/2020~

~Blackberry Children’s Book Tour – 02/28/2021~

Star Rating – 

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~Bernice Takes a Plunge~

Cancer Daily Life

– by Carola Schmidt

~Blackthorn Book Tours Christmas Promo~

As a bit of seasonal goodwill, a copy of this book will be going (along with a copy of this review) to a clinic where needy children with cancer are treated without charge.

~About Cancer Daily Life~

Cancer Daily Life is a bittersweet collection of single and double-frame strips that only readers who are highly involved with the C world could relate to. It’s sometimes cute and sweet, sometimes acid, sometimes trivial, sometimes funny, just like daily life.

~Available On Amazon~
~Cancer Daily Life~

About the Author:

Carola Schmidt is a Pediatric Oncology Pharmacist & Writer

  • Writer in the Book Authority list of “81 Best Leukemia Books of All Time” with “Chubby’s Tale: The true story of a teddy bear who beat cancer”
  • Author of “Bald is Beautiful” and other works for children with cancer
  • Author of several scientific books on pediatric oncology by Springer Nature
  • Children’s book author – “Tell Me a Story Babushka” and others

~My Thoughts~

I highly recommend Cancer Daily Life by Carola Schmidt, a book written for adolescents and adults to give a gift for a friend who received a cancer diagnosis. For someone undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, if you have a family member or friend aged twelve and over coping with cancer, you don’t know what to say when a friend or family member with cancer feels stressed and needs to know they are not alone.

As a friend and family member of loved ones who are coping with cancer, it’s essential to know what to say and what not to say (something I too struggle with), to understand what is helpful and what can come across as discouraging. Schmidt touches on this topic and more with the truth in Cancer Daily Life, often with humor.

Cancer Daily Life is an excellent way to start a dialogue with your adolescent child who just received a cancer diagnosis. After reading this book, from the perspective of a parent, I learned there are a lot of things I don’t know about cancer and treatment, I feel that it’s okay to admit that to yourself and your child, coupled with the knowledge that they are not alone and that you are in this together.

~More Books By Carola Schmidt~

~About Bald Is Beautiful~

Bald is Beautiful: A letter for a fabulous girl” is an inspiring and lovely illustrated letter for girls of any age who will go or already are bald. It’s a perfect gift to send love to a powerful girl who needs to be reminded of how beautiful and loved she is. It’s not a book that explains scientific conditions, disease, and treatment. It’s about love, beauty, happiness, and friendship when going through various changes in our lives.

Bald is Beautiful comes like a hug, and it’s the perfect gift for girls aged 4-100 years and up.

~Available on Amazon~

~Bald Is Beautiful~

Chubby’s Tale

The True Story Of A Teddy Bear Who Beat Cancer

~About Chubby’s Tale~

Oh man! Go find someone to help you get better. Christmas is around the corner. You know… nobody buys toys after Christmas!’ said Superhero when Chubby — a teddy bear with a wool pullover and no pants — felt unwell. Chubby embarks on an adventure through a La La Land toy store, discovering cancer, leukemia, chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation. He surprises us with a fun trip in a yellow toy Beetle, with friends, and his own Happy Ending.

~Available On Amazon~
~Chubby’s Tale~

~I Also Recommend Reading…~

~What Happens When A Kid Has Cancer~

Written and Illustrated by Sara Olsher

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, life flips upside-down. Suddenly, our days (and our thoughts) are dominated by doctors, nurses, child life specialists, and a million technical terms that will make anyone’s head spin. Add extreme fear and anxiety to that, and you’ve got a recipe for the most stressful time in a family’s life.

What Happens When a Kid Has Cancer is a book written with purpose of relieving the anxiety and confusion that comes from a child’s cancer diagnosis and treatment.

What Happens When a Kid Has Cancer covers the main points of pediatric cancer — what it is and what the experience of treatment is like — and shows how it can change a kid’s day. The book is great for ages 4 -10.

~Available On Amazon~
~What Happens When A Kid Has Cancer~

What’s All the Commotion?

– by Jessie Glenn

~Illustrated by Kevin King – NetGalley – 07/07/2020~

Star Rating – 5.0/5.0

~Available On Amazon~

~Goodreads – What’s All The Commotion?~

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