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Stinetinglers 2

10 MORE New Stories by the Master of Scary Tales

– by R. L. Stine

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~Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group~
~Feiwel & Friends~
~August 30, 2023~
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~Stinetinglers 2~

Peril at Price Manor

– by Laura Parnum

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~HarperCollins Children’s Books~
~Reading Age 8-12~
~August 8, 2023~
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~Peril at Price Manor~

Field of Screams

– by Wendy Parris

~Cover Art by Simon Prades~
~Random House Children’s~
~Delacorte Press~
~August 1, 2023~
~Reading Age 8 – 12~
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~Field of Screams~

The Grimoire of Grave Fates 

– by Margaret Owen & Hanna Alkaf

~Jacket Art by Katt Phatt Studio~


~Children’s Random House Books~

~Delacorte Press~ 


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~The Grimoire of Grave Fates~ 

My Not-So-Great French Escape

– by Cliff Burke


~HarperCollins Children’s Books~
~Clarion Books~
~April 25, 2023~
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~My Not-So-Great French Escape~

What Stays Buried

– by Suzanne Young

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~HarperCollins Children’s Books~
~Harper Collins~
~March 7, 2023~
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~What Stays Buried~

The Secret Zoo: The Final Fight

– by Bryan Chick

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~HarperCollins Children’s Books~
~Greenwillow Books~
~February 28, 2023~
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~The Secret Zoo: The Final Fight~

The Grace of Wild Things

– by Heather Fawcett

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~HarperCollins Children’s Books~
~Balzer & Bray~
~February 14, 2023~

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~The Grace of Wild Things~

The Superteacher Project

by Gordon Korman

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~HarperCollins Children’s Books, Balzer + Bray
~January 10, 2023~

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~The Superteacher Project~

Lost Legends of Nothing

by Alejandra Green; Fanny Rodriguez

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~HarperCollins Children’s Books

~Katherine Tegen Books~

~January 17, 2023~

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~Lost Legends of Nothing~

Picture Day

– by Sarah Sax

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~Knopf Books for Young Readers~ 
~June 27, 2023~

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~Picture Day~

Aaaaaahhhhhh, The dreaded School Picture Day . . . I remember those days with fondness and fear.

Picture It! Me. The late 80s. Sophomore Year In High School—the day before picture day, my parental (aka. Me Ma) took me for a haircut. Allow me to repeat…

The. Day. BEFORE. Picture. Day! 

*eye leakage commences* 

Basically, my hair was cut into a mullet with realllllllyyy short bangs in the front that exposed my high forehead. Keynote, I did not ask for this type of haircut. 

Kids, for those of you who don’t know what a Mullet hair cut looks like, just ask your grandparents or Google it if you daaaarree, Muahahahahahahahaaaaa… it’s scary.


Back To My Review…

PICTURE DAY: The Brinkley Yearbooks, Book 1  – by Sarah Sax – Graphic Novel 

Here it is, once again, school picture day at Brinkley Middle School, and Seventh Grader Olivia ‘Viv’ Sullivan wants to stand out among the many Olivias in the yearbook, to be memorable, to be bold and daring like Internet Celeb, Quinn Sparks, who’s motto is, ‘[B]e true to yourself and the world will notice.’

With scissors in one hand and her phone for live-streaming in the other, will Viv create her true self by cutting her hair in a drastic move to be different? 

Will Viv remain true to her best friends, Al and Milo, as she seeks internet fame and followers?

You have to read the book and find out! 😉

No spoilers, but I will say, as a reader and former Middle Grader, I love the ending, and as a grandparent, I love the message—Highly Recommend!

Thank You, NetGalley and Borzoi Books (Alfred A. Knopf/Random House Children’s Books), for providing me with an eBook of PICTURE DAY at the request of an honest review.

Scheduled For Release, Though Subject To Change – June 27, 2023 

Reading Age: 8 – 12 years

Grade: 3 – 7

Skull Cat and the Curious Castle 

 – by Norman Shurtliff 

Skull Cat and the Curious Castle

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~Top Shelf Productions~

~IDW Publishing~

Reading age ‏ : ‎ 9 – 12 years
Grade level ‏ : ‎ 4 – 7


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~Skull Cat and the Curious Castle~ 

SKULL CAT AND THE CURIOUS CASTLE – by Norman Shurtliff – Graphic Novel

‘Middle-grade readers who love fantasy and spooky adventure will treasure Norman Shurtliff’s debut graphic novel like a magical gem.’

Scully the Cat is a huge fan of Cathero Comic Books, so when Scully starts his new job as a gardener at a creepy castle, and everyone goes missing, will Scully become the hero against bloodthirsty-vampires, a dark sorcerer, a slingshot-wielding-comic-reading goblin, and a spooky ghost?!? 

Dun Dun Duuuun!

Nope—No Spoilers! You will have to read the book and find out. *winks*

I hope to read more adventures of Skull Cat and Cathero because it was an informative-fun story, has excellent graphics, and … well, Cats! 

Nuff said.

Thank you, NetGalley and Top Shelf Publications (IDW Publishing), for providing me with an eBook of  SKULL CAT AND THE CURIOUS CASTLE at the request of an honest review.

~Blackberry Book Tour Presents…

~The Grumpy Goat~

Illustrated by Ethan Roffler

A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story for Young Movers 

~All royalties donated to Seattle Humane~

~Amazon Image/eBook/09-22-2022~

~Once Upon A Dance Publication~ 

~BlackBerry Book Tour: January 16, 2023 

~Available On Amazon~

~The Grumpy Goat~ 

THE GRUMPY GOAT: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story For Young Movers

Illustrations by: Ethan Roffler

Written by: Once Upon A Dance – ‘Brought to you by a mother-daughter pair donating all profits to charity. Ballerina Konora is living her dreams as a Ballet Company Artist. Her mother, Teacher Terrel, taught creative movement and ballet for decades and was recognized by her local City Council for embodying the spirit of partnership and commitment to children for her work with young dancers. She’s breathed dance from every angle and has worked in education and child development, and with various non-profits supporting kids and families.’
Ideal For Ages: 4 – 7

Major Themes Include: problem-solving, the value of family, and kindness to animals.

Aspen (no pronouns), and Sycamore (she) Saps love to hear stories about the unique hats Mee’s (she) customers ask her to create and Mama’s (she) exciting stories as a Firefighter saving people and sometimes bringing home a rescued family pet waiting to be reunited with its owner. Aspen hoped one day soon; they could have a pet cat or dog, never anticipating that a Grumpy Goat named Gary, Piaz, a fun-loving yet temperament pot-bellied Pig, and a rescued raspberry-blowing Lama named Lulu would be a part of the family, all while they try to figure out what is making Gary so Grumpy. 

This is my first time reading a Once Upon A Dance book, which amps up the fun with movement and laughter during story time, be it with your students, children in your care, your children, or, in my case, my granddaughter—and I can’t wait! 

Highly Recommend!

Thank you, Blackberry Book Tour and Once Upon A Dance, for inviting me to participate in the Blog Tour for THE GRUMPY GOAT at the request of an honest review. 

David Massie And The Hidden Underworld – Book Two

– by Andrew N. Nehring

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~David Massie And The Hidden Underworld – Book Two~

Okay, all of you Cool Cats and Kittens, allow me to lay out the deets, a.k.a. a recap of my review for Book One in the series, DAVID MASSIE AND THE QUANTUM FLUX by Andrew M. Nehring—A Middle-Grade Sci-Fi Action And Adventure Book—wherein I profess my need for a sequel.

If you haven’t read Book One yet, I encourage you to do so before diving into Book Two. Here’s a snippet of what transpires:

‘‘In this ordinary world of extraordinary technology lies a kid genius, David Massie. After the abrupt disappearance of his older brother, Morgan, David spends his days fending off the class bully and searching in Morgan’s past for answers. Then one rainy day, his world implodes thanks to a mysterious dark armored figure.’’

As you plunge into Book Two, DAVID MASSIE AND THE HIDDEN UNDERWORLD, you, too, will be thrust back in time when Doc returns from the future back to the 1985 version of Hill Valley to tell Marty McFly, ‘‘It’s Your Kids, Marty! Somethings Gotta Be Done About Your Kids!’’



As I was saying, in Book Two, you too will be thrust back in time and reunite with the formidable foe known as the mysterious dark-armored figure—along with David, Time Cop CP, and David’s friend—eighth-grade classmate, and love interest, Rory, to battle against aliens, ancient gods, and cyclops, as they try to rebuild the gates, they risked their lives to destroy.

Will the trio save the Universe?

Will the guy get the girl?

Will David finally find out what happened to his brother Morgan those many years ago?

Will readers be left with another nail-biting cliffhanger????

You will have to read the book and find out. 😉

Thank you, Zoe Venezia, for providing me with an eBook of DAVID MASSIE AND THE HIDDEN UNDERWORLD by Andrew M. Nehring, at the request of an honest review.

Camp Scare

– by Delilah S. Dawson


~Cover Art by Matt Ryan Tobin/NetGalley/eBook~

~Random House Children’s Books/Delacorte Press~


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~Camp Scare~

In CAMP SCARE, written by Delilah S. Dawson, seventh grader Parker Nelson wants nothing more than to fit in, so when Cassandra DiVecchio—one of the popular girls from school—invites Parker to her house under the guise of working on a class project, the bullying that ensues goes viral. 

As a way to make ‘amends,’ the school awards Parker with a scholarship to attend a week-long summer camp four hours away called Camp Care, a mountain setting in Georgia—a place known for its ‘commitment to emotional health and its zero-tolerance stance toward bullying,’ according to its website, that is anything but. 

From day one, Parker is turned on and made to feel like an outsider by fellow campers and counselors who don’t believe her protests of innocence, that is, until Parker meets her new friend, Jenny, the only one who believes her.

As someone who was bullied as a kid many, many moons ago, and believe it or not, even as an adult, I can definitely relate to what Parker goes through and what she is forced to endure from kids and adults, which is more than heartbreaking.

Let us not forget CAMP SCARE is a Children’s Horror Novel that uses these elements to amp up the tension by revealing an even darker side of Camp Care’s history that refuses to be buried.

Is This A Difficult Read In Terms Of Subject Matter? 


Is CAMP SCARE A Book I Recommend To Create Awareness And Necessary Change? 

Most Definitely! 

Thank you, NetGalley and Random House Children’s Books (Delacorte Press), for providing me with an eARC of CAMP SCARES at the request of an honest review. 

Ages: 10 & Up

Grades: 5 – 7

The Clackity

– by Lora Senf

~Amazon Image/NetGalley/Own Hardback/eBook~

~Atheneum Books for Young Readers~


~Available On Amazon~

~The Clackity~

THE CLACKITY – by Lora Senf, Illustrated by – Alfredo Cáceres 

Ages – 9-12

‘There were a hundred other things about Blight Harbor to worry about if you weren’t used to them, but most of them were basically harmless. Most of them, anyway….’

Twelve-year-old Evie Von Rathe lives in Blight Harbor, the seventh-most haunted town in America, with her Aunt Desdemona, who writes an advice column in the local paper, The Blight Harbor Herald, helping people to solve supernatural problems, which means there is plenty of letters and emails.

‘Des doesn’t have many rules except one: Stay out of the abandoned slaughterhouse at the edge of town. But when her aunt disappears into the building, Evie searches for her. There she meets The Clackity, a creature who lives in the shadows and seams of the slaughterhouse.’ 

Dear Readers, let me just say—I Love This Book! 

In the pursuit of searching for her Aunt Des, Evie must find the strength within to face some of her worst fears (and mine!).

‘Will she ever find Des, or is The Clackity planning something far more sinister?’

Nope, no spoilers. You have to read the book and find out, HeHe. 😉

Highly Recommend!

Thank you, NetGalley and Atheneum Books For Young Readers (Simon & Schuster Publishing), for providing me with an eBook of THE CLACKITY at the request of an honest review.

Source: The eARC for this book was archived before I could read it (entirely my fault), so I purchased the hardback, the source I used for my review, which I am utterly thrilled about because it’s just in time for Spoooooky Seasooooon! [squeals!]

Stinetinglers – by R.L. Stine

Loooooooookkk At This Cover!!!


~Amazon Image/NetGalley/eBook/ Feiwel & Friends~ ~08-30-2022~

~Available On Amazon~


·  Reading age ‏ : ‎ 8 – 12 years

·  Grade level ‏ : ‎ 4 – 6

STINETINGLERS: All-New Stories by the Master of Scary Tales R. L. Stine

I Had A Blast Reading This Horror Collection, So Much Fun!

If you are already a fan of Stine’s writing *raises hands* or he’s a new author to you, I Highly Recommend reading this collection:

‘From R. L. Stine, here are ten new stories that are sure to leave you shivering. A boy who hates bugs starts to see them everywhere. A basketball player’s skin starts to almost drip off his hands—but no one else can see it. Three friends find a hole in the ground that just gets bigger and bigger and bigger … And each story is introduced by Stine, providing a personal touch sure to delight fans.’

‘Dive in, and beware: you might be sleeping with the lights on tonight!’

My-Frightful-Horror-Fan-Club-Favorites Are The Following:

‘WELCOME TO THE IN-BETWEEN’ – When Gabe sneaks a peek at his Christmas gift and accidentally breaks it, he quickly finds himself stuck in time.

‘OUR LITTLE MONSTERS’ – If Becka can survive babysitting her four-year-old brother and sister while her parents are out, she can babysit anyone’s little monsters. That is, until she’s in charge of watching the new neighbor’s kids … Whoa!

‘THE GHOST IN THE CAR’ – Paul and his friend Ava can’t stand Paul’s older cousin, Miller, who picks on them constantly and lies all the time. When Miller picks them up for school one day in his new, used car and tells them that it’s haunted, Paul knows how he will get his revenge.

‘THE BOY WHO HEARD SCREAMS’ – When Ted runs up to twin sisters Maria and Alyssa, frantic in need of their help, the girls don’t hesitate and rush to his aide. When the girls discover his antics, they refuse to listen even though this time—he could be telling the truth.

‘BUGS’ – ‘Alvie, in this story, is terrified of even the thought of bugs. And guess what? He has good reason to be afraid.’

Hands down one of my favorites in this collection! If you’re afraid of bugs, start cringing as this story crawls deep inside you.

‘HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE’ —‘This wasn’t the life I wanted. I just wanted a life with nicer friends and a brother who didn’t bounce me off the wall every time he saw me, and parents who didn’t blame me for everything that happened in the world.’

The moral of this story, be careful what you wish for…

‘THE BAD SIDE’ — Carson is a good kid, always kind, and helps others, so when people throughout town accuse him of doing horrible things, he and his best friend Mike know it couldn’t possibly be him.

‘THE HOLE IN THE GROUND’ — ‘I squinted at it. The hole was three or four inches deep and about as wide as a bucket or a paint can. “Awesome,” I said sarcastically. “Is this what you do for fun around here? You stare at holes in the dirt?” Kendra raised her eyes to mine. “Not for fun,” she replied in a whisper….’

‘THE MONSTER-MAKER’ Love This One!! — Jamie started building monsters three years ago when he was in the fourth grade. Jamie’s early designs were made from kits, but all new creations are built from scratch with help from his friend, Annie. When their competition and classmate Isaac Peterman brings his jaw-dropping new creature to school, Jamie knows that he and Annie must step up their game.

Thank you, NetGalley and Feiwel and Friends (Macmillan Publishing Group, LLC), for providing me with an eGalley of STINETINGLERS at the request of an honest review.

Scheduled To Release, Though Subject To Change – August 2022
Middle-Grade Fiction
Horror Collection

~Trick-OR-Treat, Alistair Gray~

– by Linda Ryan

~Illustration by Timea Gazdag/Edelweiss+/eBook/Black Spot Books~


~Available On Amazon~

~Trick-Or-Treat, Alistair Gray~

·  Reading age ‏ : ‎ 5 – 7 years

·  Grade level ‏ : ‎ Kindergarten – 2

‘“Halloween is not silly,” /Alistair grumped, / feeling quite wary, / “It’s a time for the dark. / It’s a time to be scary.”’

‘[W]hen Alistair Gray attends his school Halloween carnival, he is disappointed to see his favorite night of the year has turned more silly than scary—all treats and no tricks. But when he wanders alone into the dark the night before Hallow’s Eve…’

I love the dark, spooky watercolor illustrations throughout this Halloween tale that remind me of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Thank you, Black Spot Books and Edelweiss, for providing me with an eBook of TRICK-OR-TREAT ALISTAIR GRAY at the request of an honest review.


– by Mar Romasco-Moore

~Jacket Art by Alexander Jansson/NetGalley/eBook~

~Delacorte Press/Random House Children’s Books~


~ Available On Amazon~


1-2-3 SCREAM!

– by R.U. Ginns

~Illustrations by Javier Espila/NetGalley/eBook~

~Delacorte Press/Random House Children’s Books~


~Availble On Amazon~

~1-2-3 Scream!~

Just In Time For The Spooky Season, Kids!

Allow Me To Introduce You To…

1, 2, 3, SCREAM! – by R.U. Ginns & Illustrated by – Javier Espila

‘Get ready to scream with this collection of hillarifying—hilariously terrifying—tales, fully-illustrated and perfect for scary story lovers who are looking for a side of humor to go with their helpings of horror.’

The stories are all spooktacular; every single one is this Horror Fans Favorite:

First Up…

‘Instagrave’ – Creeeeeppppyyy Good! 

‘Here Lies

The Body Of 

Isabella Jones 

They Found All Her Skin 

But None Of Here Bones’

‘Mean Machine’ – 

‘Everybody at Simon D. Kehoe Elementary School was afraid of the Mean Machine … the worst of the worst ….’

That. Was. Awesome! Fair warning, though, Kids, there’s uh… *cringe-whispers, spideeeerrrrsss*.

Next up …

Now, you cannot go wrong with a story called  ‘Unicorn Poop,’ can you?? 

I mean, a title like that does not sound scary or scream-worthy, does it? 


Let us step carefully into this short story and find out, in the hope the Unicorn Poop smells like a cornucopia of cotton candy fear and multicolored nightmares…

Judge: Verdict?

Me: yep, creepy, good, and nightmarishly noteworthy.

Up Next …

‘The Boogerman’ – Eeeeeeekkk! Or, perhaps, Eeeeeeeeewwwww!

Hahahahaha, Love The Ending!

‘Duplicate Release Form’ – Whoa! 

‘Dog Years’ – Oh My! 

‘Epizeuxis ’ – Holy Schna-moley that was sure creepy and so gross—LOVE. IT! 

‘The Deadly Birds Of North America’ – It looks like things are about to get FOWL up in here, Kids! 


Di…Did you see what I did there? 

Because some birds are a type of Fowl…


Hey, you never know, there could be a killer chicken or, HEY, even better—A Murder Of Crow! 🖤

(Fun-Although-Slightly-Creepy-Fact-Kids, a group of crows is called a murder of crows)

Enough talking, time for me to dive bomb into this story…


Okay, I’m back. Not gonna lie, Kids; *gulp* there is a chicken and quite possibly one or more carnivorous winged creatures inside this story.


More Favorites…

‘Construct-A-Bot’ – Oh, No! 

‘Aunt Hill’ – Oh, My! That Was Creepy, Good!

‘Bobble’ – That. Was. Awesome! Sports fans will appreciate this one.

‘The Final Page’ – This One Is Really Cool! 

Welp, Horror Peeps, Reading This Collection Of Creepy Goodness Was A Lot Of Fun; I Hope You Enjoy It As Much As I Did. 

Thank you, NetGalley and Delacorte Publishing, for providing me with an eARC of 1-2-3 SCREAM! at the request of an honest review.

1, 2, 3, SCREAM! – by R.U. Ginns & Illustrated by – Javier Espila (The Illustrations Are *Chefs Kiss* Perfection!)

Ages: 8 – 12

Source: Delacorte Press (Random House Children’s Books)

Release Date: September 20, 2022

Side Note: All Horrible Mom Jokes In This Review Are My Own, Patent Pending

~We Shall Overcome~

– by Bryan Collier


~Jacket Illustration by Bryan Collier/Orchard Books/Paperback~


~Available On Amazon~

~We Shall Overcome~

~Ronin Cleans His Room Like a Ninja~

– by Chris Roy

‘Ronin couldn’t wait to grow up so people would stop telling him what to do.’

While Ronin’s parents are away on vacation, his Cool Uncle Max, combining play with a lesson in discipline, shows Ronin what it takes to become a ninja.

RONIN CLEANS HIS ROOM LIKE A NINJA is a fun book that teaches kids, through story and illustration, a new way of thinking about their everyday responsibilities—Recommend!

‘He kept thinking about everything his Uncle Max said and had a feeling learning discipline wasn’t just for cleaning his room. Ninja discipline was about everything!’

By Chris Roy
Illustrated by Lucas Romão
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Blackberry Book Tour

~The Last Shimmer~

– by Safe Hyatt

THE LAST SHIMMER, a middle-grade horror story written by the talented Sage Hyatt, is super dark, literally!

The story opens with Stacy and her friend Tiger Lilly who must find a way to stop their shadows from consuming the shimmer within them—and those of their loved ones—that threatens to blanket the world in darkness.

Will the girls be able to fight off the darkness?

‘Cool hands, like a sneaky breeze, wrapped around me and held me in place. Then, the lights turned on dimly, just enough for me to see . . .’


Nope, No Spoiler. 😉

About The Author:

Sage Hyatt loves to sing, make arts and crafts, and is a connoisseur of desserts and cute cat memes. [MeToo! 🙂 ] Her story, “Psychopath Strawberry,” in which a mad scientist’s efforts to spread a toxic ice cream are thwarted by a little girl, was published in the June issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk. More of Sage’s tales can be found at Not Your Father’s Bedtime Stories, which she has written with her dad, author Ryan Hyatt since she was six.

Thank you, Blackberry Book Tours, for providing me with an eBook of THE LAST SHIMMER in the request for an honest review.

~Cover Design by – Eric Sylvester/Self-Published/eBook/04/30/21~

 ~Blackberry Book Tour – 07/08/2021~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Last Shimmer~

~The Last Fallen Star~

– by Graci Kim

I had an absolute blast reading THE LAST FALLEN STAR, action-filled from beginning to end, complex and often spur-of-the-moment life choices made by thirteen-year-old protagonists—as a Mother, those moments broke my heart, made me laugh, and made me cry.

As I neared the sixty-eight percent mark in the book, my immediate two thoughts were: 1) ‘Wow, I love this book with all the feels, I don’t want it to end!’ and 2) ‘Holy Mac-N-Cheese-Doodles ‘What new foe will they have to endure next?!’

Literally, on pins and needles at this point in the book, but, No spoilers! I will say. . .

THE LAST FALLEN STAR centers around love, loss, family, friendship, diversity, inclusion, bravery, sacrifice, bad*ss characters, and an ending that gave me the chills.

That’s not hyperbole, Dear Readers, that’s the truth—THE LAST FALLEN STAR—Highly Recommend!

‘I won’t have to rely on someone else to write my story if I’m brave enough to take the pen into my own hands.’

I can’t wait to read more books by Graci Kim, including the sequel to this book—Yeeeesss!

Thank you, NetGalley and Disney • Hyperion Publishing, for loaning me an eGalley of THE LAST FALLEN STAR in the request of an honest review.

~Designed by Joann Hill – Rick Riordan Presents/Disney.Hyperion~

~eBook – 05/04/2021~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Last Fallen Star~

~The Safe Return~

– by –

Ashley Wheelock & Arwen Evans

~Blackberry Book Tour – April 19, 2021~


I am a huge advocate for wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic—both children and adults—in the ongoing effort to keep everyone safe, so when I was presented with THE SAFE RETURN to read and review, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

As things begin to slowly normalize, children safely return to the classroom, spending time with their friends, it’s important to do so safely by wearing a mask, but you can still have fun.

In THE SAFE RETURN, five friends go on a bike-ride through their neighborhood—together but slightly apart—as the main characters’ Dad jogs behind them.

‘Feet on pavement.’
‘Tush in seat.’
‘Kick, balance, roll.’

During their adventure, ‘a stuffed bunny is temporarily lost, but a community is found.’

The book illustrations are warm and colorful, reminding of those late Summer days that blend into Fall, my favorite time of year.

Thank you, Blackberry Children’s Book Tour, for providing me with an eBook of THE SAFE RETURN in the request for an honest review.

~Illustrated by Abigail Gray Swartz/ House Of Tomorrow/ 09/03/2020eBook~

~Available On Amazon~

~The Safe Return~

~Bernice Takes A Plunge~

~Blackberry Children’s Book Tour~

About the Author:

Ann Harth writes fiction and non-fiction for children and adults. Strong, interesting characters creep into most of her books and stories, and many arrive with a sense of humour.

Before becoming a writer, mentor and developmental editor in Far North Queensland, Ann studied psychology, waited tables, bar-tended, picked strawberries, worked as a clown and punched keys on various tills. She also spent ten years working with children with special needs. Ann taught writing for the Australian College of Journalism for eight years before taking the leap into freelance work.

Ann has had a number of fiction and non-fiction children’s books published in Australia and the UK and over 120 short stories sold internationally.

After five years (2015-2020) she has stepped down from her position as Far North Queensland representative for The Society of Children’s Book Writers and illustrators as Bernice is eager to dive into another book.

When not tapping the keys, Ann stuffs a notebook into her pack and searches for remote places to camp, hike or explore.

Media links:

~My Thoughts~

Bernice Peppercorn was not a morning person, her little brother Jake, on the other hand, was. Ugh!Breakfast was often bickering on toast, that is until Mum read in that day’s morning newspaper that local celebrity Crystal Bell’s mansion was broken into the night before. 

‘It looks like family members will be dealing with the authorities because Ms. Bell is shooting a film in India.’

Bernice and her best friend Maggie want to be just like Crystal Bell who is calm, cool, smart, knows karate, can get out of any situation, solve mysteries, and outwit any bad guy who tries to mess with her. 

The next day, armed with her Crystal Bell secret spy watch, notebook, and Crystal Bell pencil, Bernice must dive into detective mode alone (Maggie is stuck at home with Chickenpox) and stumbles across some vital clues. Oh, what imagination and adventure she has! 

Age Range: 9 to 12

Genre: Children’s Action And Adventure 

I had a blast reading BERNICE TAKES A PLUNGE, which brought me back to The Stone Age when I was a wee girl, and we had to read Judy Blume’s books on stone tablets. *sigh*  #memories

BERNICE TAKES A PLUNGE – A Funny Adventure/Mystery That I Highly Recommend! 

Weird Kid

– by Greg Van Eekhout

~Harper Audiobook~

‘Jake Wind is trying to stay under the radar. Whose radar? Anyone who might be too interested in the fact that he has shapeshifting abilities he can’t control. Or that his parents found him as a ball of goo when he was a baby.’

~NetGalley Image – NetGalley/HarperCollins Publishing – 07/20/2021~

Star Rating – 5.0/5.0

~Goodreads – Weird Kid~

~Available On Amazon~

~Weird Kid~

WEIRD KID, written by Greg Van Eekhout, is a Children’s Science Fiction book for reading ages 8 to 12 years.


‘Jake Wind is trying to stay under the radar. Whose radar? Anyone who might be too interested in the fact that he has shapeshifting abilities he can’t control. Or that his parents found him as a ball of goo when he was a baby.’

‘Keeping his powers in check is crucial, though, if he wants to live a normal life and go to middle school instead of being homeschooled (and if he wants to avoid being kidnapped and experimented on, of course).’

My Thoughts:

As I read WEIRD KID, my mind ventured back in time over thirty plus years when I was in middle school, recalling what life was like as a shy, awkward kid who was horrible in sports, couldn’t do a cartwheel to save her life, and, admittedly, found butt jokes funny a not surprisingly I still do.

WEIRD KID is a heartfelt, laugh-out-loud story about love, friendship, sacrifice, bravery—and most importantly—accepting who you are, even though you’re different.

Highly Recommend!

Scheduled To Release – July 20, 2021 (Subject To Change)

Thank you, NetGalley and HarperCollins Publishing, for loaning me a Voice Galley of WEIRD KID in a request for an honest review.

Voice Galley—A synthetic voice used for early reviews and is not a reflection of the audiobook version.

Dreamy Days and Random Naps

– by Mawson

~Blackberry Children’s Book Tour~

‘Mawson Bear awakes and ponders on the art of creative napping. Scotland the Brave imagines doing great deeds. Professors Caddy and Bree hold the highest hopes for their visionary inventions. Samantha sees wondrous things all round her. The Seekers journey all the way to the edge of the world, being sure to return, of course, by bedtime.’

~Amazon Image – Blackberry – 12/01/2020~

~Blackberry Children’s Book Tour – 02/04/2021

~Goodreads – Dreamy Days & Random Naps~

~Available On Amazon~

~Dreamy Days And Random Naps~

Cancer Daily Life

– by Carola Schmidt

~Blackthorn Book Tours Christmas Promo~

As a bit of seasonal goodwill, a copy of this book will be going (along with a copy of this review) to a clinic where needy children with cancer are treated without charge.

~About Cancer Daily Life~

Cancer Daily Life is a bittersweet collection of single and double-frame strips that only readers who are highly involved with the C world could relate to. It’s sometimes cute and sweet, sometimes acid, sometimes trivial, sometimes funny, just like daily life.

~Available On Amazon~
~Cancer Daily Life~

About the Author:

Carola Schmidt is a Pediatric Oncology Pharmacist & Writer

  • Writer in the Book Authority list of “81 Best Leukemia Books of All Time” with “Chubby’s Tale: The true story of a teddy bear who beat cancer”
  • Author of “Bald is Beautiful” and other works for children with cancer
  • Author of several scientific books on pediatric oncology by Springer Nature
  • Children’s book author – “Tell Me a Story Babushka” and others

~My Thoughts~

I highly recommend Cancer Daily Life by Carola Schmidt, a book written for adolescents and adults to give a gift for a friend who received a cancer diagnosis. For someone undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, if you have a family member or friend aged twelve and over coping with cancer, you don’t know what to say when a friend or family member with cancer feels stressed and needs to know they are not alone.

As a friend and family member of loved ones who are coping with cancer, it’s essential to know what to say and what not to say (something I too struggle with), to understand what is helpful and what can come across as discouraging. Schmidt touches on this topic and more with the truth in Cancer Daily Life, often with humor.

Cancer Daily Life is an excellent way to start a dialogue with your adolescent child who just received a cancer diagnosis. After reading this book, from the perspective of a parent, I learned there are a lot of things I don’t know about cancer and treatment, I feel that it’s okay to admit that to yourself and your child, coupled with the knowledge that they are not alone and that you are in this together.

~More Books By Carola Schmidt~

~About Bald Is Beautiful~

Bald is Beautiful: A letter for a fabulous girl” is an inspiring and lovely illustrated letter for girls of any age who will go or already are bald. It’s a perfect gift to send love to a powerful girl who needs to be reminded of how beautiful and loved she is. It’s not a book that explains scientific conditions, disease, and treatment. It’s about love, beauty, happiness, and friendship when going through various changes in our lives.

Bald is Beautiful comes like a hug, and it’s the perfect gift for girls aged 4-100 years and up.

~Available on Amazon~

~Bald Is Beautiful~

Chubby’s Tale

The True Story Of A Teddy Bear Who Beat Cancer

~About Chubby’s Tale~

Oh man! Go find someone to help you get better. Christmas is around the corner. You know… nobody buys toys after Christmas!’ said Superhero when Chubby — a teddy bear with a wool pullover and no pants — felt unwell. Chubby embarks on an adventure through a La La Land toy store, discovering cancer, leukemia, chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation. He surprises us with a fun trip in a yellow toy Beetle, with friends, and his own Happy Ending.

~Available On Amazon~
~Chubby’s Tale~

~I Also Recommend Reading…~

~What Happens When A Kid Has Cancer~

Written and Illustrated by Sara Olsher

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, life flips upside-down. Suddenly, our days (and our thoughts) are dominated by doctors, nurses, child life specialists, and a million technical terms that will make anyone’s head spin. Add extreme fear and anxiety to that, and you’ve got a recipe for the most stressful time in a family’s life.

What Happens When a Kid Has Cancer is a book written with purpose of relieving the anxiety and confusion that comes from a child’s cancer diagnosis and treatment.

What Happens When a Kid Has Cancer covers the main points of pediatric cancer — what it is and what the experience of treatment is like — and shows how it can change a kid’s day. The book is great for ages 4 -10.

~Available On Amazon~
~What Happens When A Kid Has Cancer~

What’s All the Commotion?

– by Jessie Glenn

~Illustrated by Kevin King – NetGalley – 07/07/2020~

Star Rating – 5.0/5.0

~Available On Amazon~

~Goodreads – What’s All The Commotion?~

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